Film Friendly Texas – Yes, we can be!

Lights, camera, action!

Crockett, Texas and Houston County have the potential to become a Film Friendly Texas community, and the benefits could be significant. By working with the Texas Film Commission (TFC) to meet the necessary criteria and earn the designation, our community can attract film productions and reap the economic benefits and others that comes with it.

What is a Film Friendly Texas Town?

The Texas Film Commission (TFC) works to promote and encourage the development of Texas’s film, television, commercial, and video game industries. One of the ways the TFC does this is by designating certain communities as Film Friendly Texas towns. These towns are recognized for their commitment to welcoming and accommodating filmmakers and production crews.

To become a Film Friendly Texas town, a community must complete an application and fulfill certain criteria. These criteria include:

  • A designated point of contact for filmmakers
  • A streamlined permitting process for film productions
  • Availability of local resources and services such as lodging and transportation
  • A welcoming and film-friendly attitude

Once a community has met these criteria, it will be designated as a Film Friendly Texas town and listed on the TFC website.

Economic Impact

Becoming a Film Friendly Texas town can have significant economic impacts on our community. Film productions bring in revenue through the use of local resources and services, such as lodging, transportation, catering, and equipment rentals. They also provide jobs for local residents, such as actors, extras, and crew members.

In addition, filming can increase tourism to Crockett and Houston County. When a movie or TV show is filmed in a particular location, it can attract visitors who are interested in seeing the filming locations in person. This can result in increased spending on hotels, restaurants, and other local businesses by bringing in tourism dollars.

As well as the economic advantages, becoming a Film Friendly Texas community can showcase the unique qualities of Crockett and Houston County to a broader audience. This could attract new residents, businesses, and investors. Additionally, Crockett and Houston County can take pride in being involved in the film industry, with locals serving as extras or providing location scouting and other services.

Overall, becoming a Film Friendly Texas community has the potential to bring significant benefits to Crockett and Houston County. By meeting the TFC’s criteria and working with the film industry, the area can bring in revenue, create jobs, attract tourists, showcase its unique qualities, and foster a sense of community involvement and pride.

Let’s do it!

Becoming a Film Friendly Texas town through the Texas Film Commission can have significant economic impacts and other benefits for our community. From increased revenue and tourism to community involvement and pride, working with the film industry can help to showcase Crockett and Houston County to a wider audience and create a sense of excitement and purpose.

The Crockett Area Chamber of Commerce is working with the City of Crockett and the Texas Film Commission to secure this designation. If you’re interested in your location being submitted to the Texas Film Commission for a possible production, please email and we will discuss how to make that happen.

Whether you are an individual, business, non-profit or corporation we welcome you! Our network is constantly growing, giving you the opportunity to network with various professional and impactful people within and around our community.