Unique Charm at the Rustic Market in Crockett

There are so many shops to explore in Crockett, Texas; some may visit downtown and not venture out much further. If you’re guilty, then you’re missing out on the distinct and unique charm of one of Crockett’s well-established and beloved businesses.

The Rustic Market in Crockett has handcrafted gifts and decor lovingly selected and some created by its longtime owner, Sherry Lofton. As some of us may remember, The Rustic Market was destroyed in the tornado of March 2022, and it was a heartbreaking loss. Ms. Lofton wasted little time regrouping, and in months, like the phoenix rising from the ashes, The Rustic Market opened in its new location on Loop 304 with more space for everything we had grown to love.

When you step inside, you are treated like family, and she and her staff will help you find the perfect rustic piece for your home or handmade gift for that hard-to-buy person on your list. Handcrafted items are tucked away in every corner and on every shelf, and it takes two or three visits to ensure you’ve not missed anything. Return repeatedly as new pieces lovingly replace what is wrapped and packaged, moving on to new homes.

When I stepped inside before Christmas to do a short promo video on “Last Minute Shopping” ideas, I couldn’t decide what to feature because there was something perfect everywhere I looked.

If you haven’t been to The Rustic Market in Crockett, you’re missing out on everything that makes this charming shop one of Crockett’s most loved. Visit! Soon!

Please support our local makers, our long-established shops, and the new because these are the people who give back to our community. They ARE Crockett and everything that is wonderful about our home.

The Rustic Market in Crockett
1909 SE Loop 304
Crockett, TX 75835

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