Shop Late ‘Til 8 and Small Business Saturday

Join the Chamber of Commerce for this year’s kick-off of the Holiday Season with a weekly shopping event throughout Crockett & Houston County. We’re asking area Merchants & Restaurants to participate and stay open on Thursday evenings until 8 pm from November 21st (the night of the Parade) until the Thursday before Christmas, December 19th.

The Chamber will provide Passports for Shoppers to bring to your stores/restaurants for you to stamp when they visit. These Passports can then be turned in to the Chamber office and be entered into a Drawing for a Gift Basket which will be comprised of at least a $25 gift certificate or gift of value from each participating merchant.

We are planning to have Street Entertainers, Carolers, a Strolling Santa as well as other entertainment beginning Small Business Saturday and then every Thursday for Shop Late ‘Til 8. Each Thursday evening will also be themed.

December 5th – Ladies Night Out
December 12th – Kids Shopping Night (storytelling in the Crockett City Park)
December 19th – Guy’s Last Minute Shopping Night

We also realize that not all area merchants have brick & mortar stores. Every Thursday, beginning Nov. 21st and on Saturday, Nov. 30th, there will be a Pop-Up Market downtown where you can have a table and a “storefront” during the busy holiday season.

What does it cost to participate?

Crockett Area of Commerce Chamber Members: A $25 Gift Certificate or item of value of at least $25

Non-Chamber Members: $25.00 plus $25 Gift Certificate or item of value of at least $25

Pop-up Market

Chamber Members: A $25 Gift Certificate or item of value of at least $25

Non-Chamber Members: $25.00 plus $25 Gift Certificate or item of value of at least $25

Your Store/Restaurant will be featured (*starred) on a map, heavily promoted on Social Media, in the Houston County Courier and on KIVY.

There is so much to gain by joining us this Holiday Season for Shop Late ‘Til 8 and Small Business Saturday! Let’s work together to make this the best for each of us!

Here are some ideas for Thursday nights and Small Business Saturday:

  • Treat the day/night as if it were a moment to be celebrated like a party.
  • Run specials, deals, hourly or for the night.
  • Serve a special small menu or tasting, snacks, hot cocoa.
  • SCREAM the message that not only do we love our customers but we also love our business neighbors.
  • Come celebrate the day because great things come in small packages.
  • Workshops, demos, cookie crawls, giveaways, pampering.
  • Maybe every hour on the hour you could draw random first names out of a bucket and each store could have an hour long special for the Marys, Franks, Susans, Bobs, and whoever else.
  • Maybe a shoulder massage Chair for patrons.
  • Hand out fortune cookies and see if anyone’s fortunes come true that day.
  • Photo competitions of the most fun shoppers.
  • Partner with non-profits to creative an incentive to spend for a bigger cause “shopping small means supporting something greater”.
  • Have the ladies do a purse weigh in and have different weight classes for prizes.
  • Let your imagination run wild!

Email your weekly store promotions to and they will be promoted for that week’s Thursday “Shop Late ‘Til 8” or the “Small Business Saturday” Event.

Passports, stamps, inkpads, and signage will be provided by the Crockett Area Chamber of Commerce before the Events.

Don’t forget! Chamber Members may participate at no cost except for the Gift Certificate of $25 or gift of value of at least $25.00 to be included in the Grand Prize Drawing. Non-Chamber members may participate for the small fee of $25 plus their $25 gift certificate or gift item for the gift basket. This basket will be displayed in each of your stored throughout the holiday season to entice shoppers.

We want this to be a fun opportunity to partner with the Crockett Area Chamber of Commerce and make this Holiday Season one to remember. Call Lisa at 936-544-2359 or visit

Whether you are an individual, business, non-profit or corporation we welcome you! Our network is constantly growing, giving you the opportunity to network with various professional and impactful people within and around our community.

Ron Forehand

Ron Forehand

Executive Director

P.O. Box 307
Crockett, Texas 75835

Ashlie Perez

Executive Assistant

P.O. Box 307
Crockett, Texas 75835